We are able to respond to the constantly evolving needs of our customers with a wide range of processes thanks to the vast modern fleet of machines that has recently been boosted:

  • 13 CNC work centres, including the Okuma MA40HA pallet changer, Okuma MA60HB, Okuma MA600HB, Kitamura H300, Haas VF4, VF2 e VM2;
  • 9 CNC lathes, including the Okuma MAC TURN 250, Okuma LU 15 MY, Mori Seiki RL-203 and ZL200, Biglia B562S and Doosan Puma TT 1800 SY;
  • various other machines (parallel lathes, drilling machines, grinding machines, etc.);

Thanks to the consolidated collaboration with certified and carefully selected suppliers, we can offer the end customer a complete package including heat treatments (such as case-hardening, carbonitriding, tempering and induction hardening), surface treatments (such as, zinc-plating, burnishing and nickel-plating) and grinding on flat and round surfaces of the mechanical parts produced.

The technical office is equipped with 3D CAD-CAM software by Solid Works which, starting from the model of the piece, allows to simplify the programming times and supports the operator in defining the various processing phases, identifying any critical points well in advance.

Thanks to the high performance of our machine tools, we are able to obtain and maintain high quality standards throughout the production process.

Our operators have many years of experience both in the set-up/programming and in the running of the machines while maintaining a high quality standard.

The company has been ISO 9001-certified since 2006 and currently holds the latest ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification. All procedures are applied with precision and consistency and all our personnel have been trained in the management system.

The high quality of the results is also guaranteed by the continuous monitoring throughout the various processing phases and the accurate final inspections and checks on the mechanical parts produced thanks to the instruments in our metrological room.  In addition to the traditional instruments (micrometres, gauges, bore gauges, etc.), MEC-2 has a manual Alpha 3D machine and an automatic Alpha 3D measuring system.

Upon request, a full report is provided to the end customer with a recording of the measurements taken on the mechanical parts.

MEC-2’s strong point is its high processing flexibility, that is, the ability to adapt to the customer’s every need, both from the dimensional point of view of the piece that is processed, and in terms of quantity and the possibility of processing small and large batches in series or one-off runs.